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Sekhmets Medicine

Sekhmets Medicine

Healing Remedies & Goddess Spa Luxury Products plus Services.

Lotions, Scrubs, Sprays, Oil Blends, Vibrational Flower Essence Blends, Bath, and Custom Blends. Combo Crystal/Flower/Oil kits available too! plus add on a bath or scrub. Magickal Blends Blessed by the Divine Mother's Hand of Light all is Organic and Handcrafted and Blessed and charged

~GRACE~, Victory-oil for Success, Gold Star-oil for Attracting Money

Sekhmet's Medicine

Grace Aura Spray

Easing through Change and Transition and being in a state of grace. Ease the emotions and enter transition in grace. Calm the winds of change and become the winds of change with GRACE. $17

Golden Victory Success Oil

This oil can be worn or use a little on related items that concern success. Attract success into your life and protect your achievements. Also can use as spray also. $17

Golden Star MoneyOil

money attracting oil and abundance to yourself or your business. $17

Please contact me to purchase products. 303-396-5276

Products changes and each is a small hand crafted batched made in love and light of the divine goddess mother

Aura Light

Healing and Cleansing Aura purification spray. Made in the dark of the moon to release any unwanted energy from the auric field. Good to use between clients if your work is in the Healing Arts. It is like Sage in a bottle to clear and release energy that is not in your highest good. Made with ArchAngel Micheal and the Sacred Goddess Sekhmet. Remedy is made with Essential Oils and Inner Temple Egyptian Vibrational Essences with Gem/Crystal Essences and blessed and charged with holy water with crystal singing bowls and healing mantra/chant sacred sound. Made in the silver light of the moon.

Remedy is $27 a bottle.

Grounding Spray & Surrender & Forgiveness/Letting GO

Grounding Spray $24

Surrender $28

Forgiveness/Letting GO $30

Vibrational Flower Essence Blends

Vibrational Flower Essence Blends Custom Blends Based on a Soul Reading

Blend of the season


Made with three Flower's and Gem Essences plus other healing remedies and Neroli. Manifest your dreams and idea's. Take action and ground your idea's into the physical world.


Plus other Healing, Vibrational Remedies. Please contact me to purchase. 303-396-5276

Egyptian Sacred Temple Vibrational Essences

Beautiful, Sacred, Powerful Temple Essences made at the sacred sites in Egypt. They are a powerful blend that is used along with flower and gem essences. Have your custom blend essence made just for you and receive the download of the ancient egyptians using sacred temple essences.

~Little Goddess Love Notes~Love End's

Little love note's from the goddess.These are channeled message's receive a little goddess love note. These loving message's are used to promote self-love. These are available for $17 Receive Healing Messages from the Goddess. These are words to enhance self-love and healing. Open your heart and remember. This is truly Healing Art of the Goddess. There are 44 beautiful goddess sayings and an invocation. Channeled love to you. Contact me to purchase yours today!

Goddess Prayer Boxes~Beautiful Shrine Boxes of pure sacredness

Beautiful Goddess Boxes available. Great to give your desire's or give over your concerns to the goddess. This is a way to surrender your challenge's or give the goddess your dreams. This is a way to release and manifest what is needed on your soul path. I will have pics soon or contact me for your purchase of a goddess box. Each box has a goddess image and an invocation to the goddess mother. Boxes range between $10-$75.00 all made with intention and blessed by the goddess. These charged and magickal boxes are sacred and used to heal and bless your life.

My Goddess Blog~My Priestess Journey

Love Blossom OIL , Goddess Seduction and Venus Romance Spray

Love Blossom Oil $17

Goddess Seduction Spray $24

Bast/Venus Romance Spray $24

Welcome to Sekhmet's Medicine & The Light of ISIS

Upcoming Goddess Series 4 Part Goddess Series )O(

Goddess Alchemy please call for class time & location 303-466-8738 please scroll down to the end for other class listings.

Healing with the Sacred Feminine

Creation of Goddess Magick

Women's Mysteries and Women's Rites

Class One: The Medicine of Sekhmet

Goddess of Healing, Destroyer and Creation.

Embrace the Courage and Compassion of Sekhmet's Medicine.

Class Two: The Light of ISIS

The Mother Goddess of Egypt-Healing with Life Cycles and working with Change and Transition being Reborn.

Class Three: The Healing Waters of Mother Mary &Mary Magdalene

Healing the Feminine and womb energy and working with the 2nd chakra. Healing the female line.

Class Four: Dancing with Bast

The Art of Sacredness and Sensuality. Enhancing the art of Self-Love and Beauty. Enjoy and Play also connecting to the heart space. Bringing out your inner priestess.

All classes include Ritual, Altar Design, Ceremony with Intention, Creating Sacredness, Working in Ceremonial Space, Invocation and Evocation of the Goddess, Co-Creating with the Feminine, Goddess Alchemy, Shamanic Journey Work, Working with Creative and Guided Visualization, Meditation, Journel Work, Creative Goddess Art Process, Sacred Movement, Sacred Sound, Learning the Ritual Arts and Working and Developing your Connection to the Divine.

Class is for men and women and connecting to your authentic inner being and awaken and remember the ancient arts. Bringing balance in sacred union of the divine masculine and the divine feminine.

Please Contact me for class location and time

303-665-5275, 720-338-9711

This site is the list of Multi-Dimensional Soul Healing services available.
classes and workshops where I offer my teachings and also Wellness events.

Also Monthly Goddess Tarot and Tea
Goddess Spa Luxury Events
Nourishment for the Goddess Soul.

In service to the Cosmic Goddess
This work is working with the goddess energy and the Egyptian Goddesses.

This work is working with the Goddess Sekhmet and the Egyptian Goddesses.

Me at The Beach

Me at The Beach

The Silver Light of ISIS

Beautiful, Nourishing, Nurturing, Healing and Supportive Soul Beauty Products of the Goddess ISIS. Each product is made with Special Intention for Healing the daughters of ISIS. Made in the silver light of the moon with the frequency and light of the sacred mother. Made with Love and Light.

New Events Page

~Serpent Woman Rise~ Dark Goddess Workshop

Upcoming May Event

The Path of the Priestess
Egyptian Shamanic Mysteries

May 17 th & 24th 7-8:30 PM

~Serpent Woman Rise~
Dancing Fire Moon Flames
Of the
Dark Goddess
Dancing with the Shadow and the Transformation of Consciousness
The Birth of the Cosmic Womb Cobra
And the Awaken Woman

This is a two part series

Location in Denver
Call for location

Each culture has its “Dark Goddess”. Explore the Dark Goddess and her Myth & Symbology. Embrace the Dark Goddess and embody your feminine power as woman by dancing with shadow.

Develop a connection to a Dark Goddess that will help you transform into a powerful serpent awaken woman. ~Women have had to suppress the serpent power and intuitive wisdom through the ages. It is time to connect to your sensuality and power through the Dark Goddess. Hear her call for she has called You to Stand in Serpent Power.

In this class, we are uncovering the shadow side of the feminine, and bringing it into the light. Integrate the wisdom of the shadow side and become the Serpent Woman Rising as you heal and balance the sacred union of the feminine and masculine energies within yourself in sacred harmony

We will work with goddess shamanic journey work, journaling, dream work, ritual and ceremony and goddess art and expression. We will dance and use our voices to embody and express the dark goddess. This is true goddess alchemy.
~Women and serpents have been associated with birth, death, and resurrection since ancient times.
~We will explore the power of the womb and the connection to your outer life through a womb Mandela.
~The workshop will be a weaving of teachings of the serpent/Goddess connection.
~Teachings will include the connection of serpent, woman, menstruation and moon, movements of snake power, and the Shakti as woman’s connection to feminine power. The Mythic & Mystical Journey of the Dark Goddess embrace the Kundalini Power of the Serpent Medicine.
Woman’s fear of Snake is fear of her own power.

About Me

High Priestess and carrier of Snake Medicine, Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, I have a Psychology & Women Studies background and studied Religous Studies also Women Magickal Mysteries and Goddess Teacher. I am a medium, channel and embody the goddess and work with the Sacred Feminine realm, Angelic and Spirit realms for healing and alchemical healings and transformation. Hosting priestess circles and Egyptian Shamanic Mystery Teachings and Sacred Soul Path Readings and Multi-Dimensional Soul Services in Denver, CO and travel to California and the UK to teach and offer my services to the world.

Bringing Truth & Balance in your Thoughts-Thoughts of Light

Goddess of truth, balance and justice "SHE" is Ma'at

Allow this Goddess to bring balance in your life and bring harmony to your life. Allow her to bring health in areas of your life. She will work with you to see your true self. The light and the dark and bring wholeness to your being. The journey to the light is the journey to the self. Thoughts of light creating sprakles of light in healing the thought process and creating higher consciousness and creating thoughts of higher vibration. Focus on what your desire and know what your dreams are. Co-create thoughts of light to infuse your life with true abundance, wealth and love through thoughts of light.

Please contact me for class time and date 720-297-5840
Class will be in the Denver area.

Healing your Finances with Goddess Hathor

This class will focus on healing your relationship to the energy of money. Everything is spirit and looking at your beliefs and thought process regarding abundance. Gain tools of empowerment and success and build your relationship with prosperity. Allow the goddess mother to fill your with nourishment and believe that you deserve success and victory. Just do it!

This class will be held in the Denver area Please contact me for dates and times. 720-297-5840